Albert Pellisier (pronounced Pell ah shay), the Capitalist Yogi, delivers programs (Keynotes, Breakouts,  Seminars and Workshops) that help professionals shift their perspective to find true happiness and success.  Drawing from more than 3 decades of entrepreneurial experience, Albert shares stories that inspire and methods that work. He will keep your audience intrigued and engaged while equipping them to live lives of greater fulfillment and achievement.

Merging the Wealth of the West with the Peace of the East for Optimum Life Balance

Albert’s topics include:Success Speaker | Albert Pellissier

  • Meet Your Silent Partner
  • You’re Trying Too Hard
  • The Profit of Happiness
  • How to Manage Stress for Solo Entrepreneurs
  • My Ladder of Success Is Up Against the Wrong Wall

All of the above topics can be presented as a keynote, breakout session or  as an in-depth workshop/seminar.

Meet Your Silent Partner

How much easier would it be to succeed if you had a silent partner with unlimited resources, untapped wells of wisdom, along with a selfless willingness to help guide you but only spoke up when asked?  Everyone has a silent partner that fits this ideal description but few take the time to seek any advice. This lively keynote will introduce the audience to their own silent partner and reveal this mostly unused powerful resource.

You’re Trying Too Hard

How often do you ever hear anyone say that in this over-scheduled go go go modern culture? This keynote helps the audience become aware of common energy wasting strategies for success that have no chance of ending in fulfillment. From squandering our time and treasure in half-hearted commitments to striving for rewards and accolades that others have defined as what success should look like for us, Albert will help the audience free up precious life energy to pursue more fulfilling ambitions and desires.

My Ladder of Success Is Up Against the Wrong Wall

What do you do if you climb to the top of the ladder of success only to find out that it didn’t turn out to be what you expected? You’ve played the game right, You’ve done everything you were supposed to do, and now you look around and you have it all, but you’re still not happy. This keynote will help the audience assess “Why” they do what they do and reflect on the difference between “playing it safe” and “actively living”.

The Profit of Happiness


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