Money is a Certificate of Service

Increase your income and the freedom that comes as a result when your realize that there is no limit on how much service you are allowed to deliver. This shift in Money Consciousness will result in a shift from a “Chasing Money” mindset to one where Clients and Customers willingly hand it over to you in exchange for delivering wonderful service, over and over again. Once you realize that Money is CREATED by our efforts, imagination, and by bringing value to the marketplace, you’ll be on your way to always having more than enough.

Resistance Therapy –  Conquer Your Mortal Enemy and Live Your Unlived Life

What is resistance? Resistance is our mortal enemy and rears it’s ugly head whenever we get the notion to do something that will elevate our life, to go from a lower state to a higher state. It comes in many forms, procrastination, self-doubt, fear, distraction, perfectionism, timidity, etc. It’s anything that keeps us from doing the work we know we need to be doing, whether it be to create art, start an enterprise, diet, or program of spiritual advancement, etc.

Resistance Therapy will challenge you to take immediate action on every idea that pops into your head or rises from you gut of intuition. We always know what we should be doing, what we need to do, but Why don’t we do it? In this program you will get to the root of this insidious internal enemy and learn how to face it head on. Strap on your seatbelt because your life will take off like a rocket with the transformation  that comes from conquering resistance.

Get Your Mind Right

The first step toward any sort of peace of mind, achievement, or success is to reclaim the landscape and dominion over your own mind. Domesticated by society since childhood, we have slowly and unwittingly relinquished our personal power and have forgotten that we are in control our lives, dreams, and destiny – It’s not true. This 4 week course will reacquaint you with your core wisdom, and give you simple, practical mental tools and exercises that will let you take back the ability to determine your own Mindset, Moods, and Mental Strength. You will reconnect with Intuition, Enhance Creativity, Improve Clarity, and Sharpen your Focus, while simultaneously reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Wasted Life Energy.